We’ve been helping Traders like yours stand out for over 3 years

At BookProfit Trading Academy we are different. We teach you our strategies and then hold your hand and show you step-by-step what trades we are going to make daily and why. 2-3 times a week we upload our trading ideas and a video explaining the current market to you through our eyes. We tell you what we plan to trade, and the things we are going to avoid, and why. We don’t know anyone else in the stock market who shares this knowledge with you in advance.

We are not a tipping service and we expect you to do your research before entering your own trades, but we will guide you along the way.

You don’t have to go at it alone. We are better together. 

At BookProfit, we teach a variety of trading methods to suit your schedule.

BookProfit Quantum
Mentorship- Content

Fed up with the losses? Bored with your routine job and want a change? You may be someone who just wants to learn a new skill that you can use forever. Learning how to trade can be very rewarding.

At BookProfit we teach complete beginners all the way through to professional day traders. The BookProfit Quantum Mentorship is a perfect module for you to get started. This instructor-led online program walks you through the foundations of trading the markets.

Basics of Stock market-How it works?

Charting software’s and how to use them like a pro

Single, double and multiple Japanese candlesticks

support and resistances-do they really work?

Significance of Volumes-how to apply in trading

Lagging and Leading Indicators

What are oscillators and how to use them?

Popular trading strategies and their applications

How to handpick high momentum stocks and create your own watchlist

Fibonacci Analysis – Because Fib’s don’t Lie!

Practical use cases and study of stocks

BookProfit Quantum Plus Mentorship- Content

Do you want to be able to spot big explosive moves? We just love the BookProfit exclusive trade setups. You will see this on every post of the Telegram group. Big trading moves and profits are what this setup is all about.

The Quantum Plus was named because it tells you when a trend is about to start and when it’s the end. So many traders get caught out trying to catch a falling knife or short a strong market. The Quantum Plus will prevent you from doing this. Combine our tested indicators with the BookProfit exclusive setups and you have the perfect trading system in Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Forex.

All of Quantum

BookProfit Trading Glossary

BreakOuts and Reversals-Identify where is the party?

What are different phases of market and how to adjust your trading style?

Multibagger swing chart patterns

Muttibagger BreakOut chart pattern

RSI Convergence and Divergence

Trading plan, Trading Setups and execution Strategy

Multi Time frame Analysis

RSI Convergence and Divergence

Money Management golden rules and worksheet

Live trading practice -9.15 to 11AM and 2 to 3.30 PM

BookProfit Buzz

BookProfit Buzz is an automated trade alert service, backed by extensive analysis of technicals and extensively back-tested to ensure it can create profitable strategies for you, both for bullish as well as bearish market conditions.

• Our Algorithms continuously generate strategies for key indices – Nifty and Bank Nifty and stocks – to give you access to verified trade calls and real-time notifications.

• BookProfit Buzz presents proven strategies that can be followed manually by receiving SMS text alerts/whatsapp/telegram, or you can choose to be 100% hands-free trading, it’s up to you! You can turn on/off automated trading at any time, so you are always in control of your destiny.

A glimpse of BookProfit Buzz alert!

How It Works :

Scan Nifty50 stocks or indices for reversal or breakout

Alert where momentum builds in price and volume

Verify with double confirmation of Price action

Notify with proper range for entry and exit

Monthly Plans


Rs. 15000 (18% GST included)

This is the first step for anyone who wants to learn technical analysis from the very basics.

You will have access to over 30 hours of content covering concepts from the philosophy of technical analysis to the use of price action analysis with powerful indicators that are used to derive price demand, supply zones, and targets.

This access to videos and the Whatsapp Discussion Group will be with you for a limited period of 1 year.

You will be able to access both videos and ‘Discussion Board’ from the web and mobile app.

Later if and when you subscribe to Quantum Plus, your fees of Quantum will be adjusted and you’ll have to pay only Rs. 10,000 (18% GST included). If you upgrade or club to BookProfit Buzz or Quantum then also your Foundation fees will be adjusted and you’ll pay the difference.

Best for beginners interested to learn Intraday Trading as a source of income

Language of Content: English

most popular

Quantum plus

rs. 25000 (18% GST INCLUDED)

Everything in BookProfit Quantum

This section is designed for traders with swing strategies in mind.

You will get access to highly profitable patterns that will cover concepts of various trading setups applicable in any time frame – ideal for both intraday as well as short term positional trades.

Access to ‘Mentorship Face2Face’ which is an online live interaction twice a week on mutual time convenience. You’ll have access to these interactions for one year and also get to view recordings of meetings.

Whenever you have a doubt, you have 2 options- drop in your question on the ‘Premium Whatsapp group’ and it’ll be answered and/or interact during Trade Meets and clear out your doubt.

This access to videos, Mentorship meets and Discussion Group will be with you for a period of one calendar year post which you can renew your subscription for another year for Rs. 9,000 (taxes included).

Best for advanced traders who have certain experience in markets with moderate risk-taking capacity to capture high momentum of markets.

Language of Content: English/Hindi

Bookprofit buzz

Rs. 10,999 month(18% GST INCLUDED)

Best suitable for working professionals who want to trade on-the-go

No need to be in front of your trading screen. Now you will not miss a profitable trade

Whether the market moves up or down, You make money on both sides

Minimum 1:1.5 risk to reward ratio

System drove Entry/exit to cut down your losses and maximize profit

Our Analytics shows that 75% of the position in this strategy is exited within the first 2 hours of the market open.